GTUL & Mag Brush Combo Set for large frame, 10mm 45 ACP

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45 ACP
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GTUL & Mag Brush Combo Purchase the integrated system at a significant savings. Includes both the GTUL and Mag Brush. GTUL Tool: Remove the floorplate of 10MM/45ACP magazines while preventing wear on the locking tabs and damage to the metal liner. Keep those magazines clean and help prevent loose fitting floorplates. The material used will withstand thousands of cycles. Mag Brush: Designed specifically for use with the Disassembly Tool. The handle has a punch which can be used to depress the retaining pin on Glock magazines. The brush is used to clean away dirt, grime, and powder residue from inside the magazine tube and other parts. The punch can be used by a qualified gunsmith to dissassemble a Glock.